What Clients Say

"Brett truly provides an exceptional service. I would have never thought of a lawyer as a customer service advocate, but he definitely breaks the mold. Instead of spending the last year stressing, we were able to utilize our energy to just heal physically and emotionally from our trauma."

Shannon S.

How can I pick the best lawyer for my personal injury case?


Finding the right lawyer can be tough! Your lawyer should have experience with your type of case. Your San Diego injury lawyer should have a track record of success. Your lawyer should have the respect of his or her peers. Your lawyer should be willing and able to fight vigorously for your interests while acting with solid ethics and professionalism. Your lawyer should speak clearly with you, respond to your questions in a timely manner, and put you at ease.

I’ve handled thousands of personal injury cases since 1998, and had a great deal of success for my clients.
If you’ve been injured, you’ve got enough to deal with. Focus on healing – not on wrangling with insurance adjusters and their lawyers. Let me deal with the insurance adjusters and lawyers. Feel confident that I will always behave ethically and professionally.

I am a lawyer, and I know the legal and insurance world can be filled with jargon. If you call or come in for a consultation, I’ll take the time to explain things in a way you understand. I’ll let you know whether I think you have a strong case and whether you would get the best result handling the claim yourself, or having me represent you, or if another lawyer would be a better fit for your claim.

Will my personal injury attorney file suit?


Most claims are settled before a lawsuit needs to be filed.  When you hire a lawyer, they will usually gather all the documentation and prepare a demand package.  That package is sent to the other party’s insurance (assuming they have insurance) and the attorney will try to negotiate a settlement to avoid the time and expense of litigation.

Only if a claim with the insurance company does not yield a significant offer of settlement. And, only after consultation with you regarding what the requirements and ramifications are when we file a lawsuit.

I’d like to come in and meet with a Personal Injury Attorney. What will it cost?


At The Law Office of Brett Peterson in San Diego, your initial consultation is always free. It will cost you nothing to speak with us regarding your potential claim. If you hire us, the fee is contingent on our successfully resolving your case. You will not have to pay any attorney fee until the end of the case; at that time I will take my fee from the insurance company proceeds.

Many lawyers will send you to expensive doctors and when the case settles, after attorneys fees and medical costs, there is little remaining for you.  This isn’t fair and my fee agreement states that I will reduce my attorney fee to make sure it’s not more than what you receive. Ask your lawyer if they will do that!